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Date Rival Teams We Say Result
22/09/2019 Arsenal - Aston Villa Arsenal -1 DRAW
21/09/2019 Newcastle - Brighton Newcastle 0 DRAW
21/09/2019 Millwall - QPR - MAX QPR 0 WIN
20/09/2019 Schalke - Mainz Schalke WIN
20/09/2019 Sundsvall - Djurgarden - MAX Djurgarden WIN
19/09/2019 Basel - Krasnodar Basel WIN
18/09/2019 Geylang - Warriors Geylang WIN
17/09/2019 Tulevik - Kalju Kalju -1.5 WIN
16/09/2019 Vasteras SK - Brommapojkarna Brommapojkarna +0.5 WIN
16/09/2019 Utrecht - Den Bosch - MAX Utrecht 0 WIN
15/09/2019 Lyngby - Midtjylland Midtjylland WIN
14/09/2019 Scunthorpe - Morecambe Scunthorpe WIN
13/09/2019 Zaglebie - Plock Zaglebie WIN
12/09/2019 Znojmo - Frydek-Mistek Znojmo +0.5 WIN
11/09/2019 Sotra - Elverum Elverum +0.5 WIN
10/09/2019 Greece - Lithuania Lithuania +2 WIN
09/09/2019 KTP - Jaro Jaro 0 LOSS
08/09/2019 Fredericia - Nykobing Nykobing +0.5 WIN
07/09/2019 Middelfart - Thisted Middelfart WIN
07/09/2019 Forward - Sollentuna - MAX Sollentuna 0 WIN
06/09/2019 Iceland - Luxembourg Iceland -1.5 WIN
05/09/2019 Montenegro - Hungary Montenegro 0 WIN
04/09/2019 Kolding IF - Randers Randers WIN
03/09/2019 Notts County - Solihull Notts County LOSS
02/09/2019 Paris FC - Chambly Chambly 0 WIN
01/09/2019 Uerdingen - Braunschweig Braunschweig WIN
31/08/2019 Nordsjaelland - Hobro Nordsjaelland WIN
30/08/2019 Cambuur - Den Bosch Cambuur WIN
29/08/2019 Trabzonspor - AEK Athens AEK Athens +0.5 WIN
28/08/2019 Omsk - FK Novosibirsk FK Novosibirsk +0.5 WIN
27/08/2019 Ilves - HIFK Ilves -1 WIN
26/08/2019 Bodo/Glimt - Valerenga Bodo/Glimt WIN
25/08/2019 Swansea - Birmingham Swansea WIN

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Hi there and welcome to Soccer4Profits,

First things first, let me introduce myself, my name is Augusto Massi - remember it - because it's going to be the only name coming out of your mouth when your friends ask you how you profit so much from soccer. I don't know how you've reached my site but you my friend, have just found the number 1 man when it comes to profiting from soccer predictions.

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So listen up carefully to what I have to say:

Since I've started Soccer4Profits a couple of months ago, I've shown a lot of bettors how the soccer world really works and how to truly profit of of it, this is my way of giving back to my fellow bettors who search the web daily for a real winning solution, just like I used to do when I first started. It's all about information, not just any information but THE RIGHT INFORMATION!

Let me introduce you to the concept of "SharePoints Betting" It's something only a few bettors in the world have access to and it's the most powerful ally us bettors have. Let me explain in further detail, this may be news to you but clubs all around the world, regardless of how big the club or what league they play in, Make Hidden Deals behind closed doors. For example purposes let's pick two team from the Germany Bundesliga, first team will be Borussia Dortmund and second team Stuttgart. Now imagine these teams make deals at the beginning of each new season.

Example: First leg of the league Stuttgart loses in favor to Borussia wich gains 3 valuable points at the beginning of the league and in return Stuttgart can count on 3 points from Borrusia when they meet again in the second leg of the league or maybe Stuttgart doesnt need the points in the league and can retain the favor for another game, a good example is if Stuttgart has as it's primary objective progressing as far as possible in the Cup, where it has a game against Borussia and can of course call upon the favor they already have in their pocket. These "hidden deals" vary depending on the clubs primary objective.

Let's take another example, this actually happened 2 months ago, I got information that a "hidden deal" from the Segunda Division in Spain in which one of the teams was going to show off their start player ( striker of course) for the purpose to raise his market value and sell him. You can guess what happened right ? me and my clients bet that the player will score in that game and of course he did and we banked big time with a very good odd.

This was a short explanation so you can understand the power of knowing these kind of deals and the unlimited posibilites in tip types that we can bet. The teams I chose when explaining here, were just for example purposes but trust me when I say all the teams around the world make these kind of deals and with me by your side you will always get the correct information you need to win daily. This is the kind of "leaked" information only top bettors have and like I told you in the beginning I've started soccer4profits a couple of months ago and it has gone viral in the betting world exactly like I expected it to. I won't lie to you, right now I'm sharing my valuable tips with Hundreds Wordwide and I haven't been advertising at all, it is just word of mouth and that's exactly how I like it because if you are as good as me you don't need advertising, people come to you on your own when your information is top of the line !

I'm gonna end this short story here but not before I share one last thing with you that I've learned over the years: Soccer betting is not for everyone, it's for the well informed, well prepared and dedicated people that never quit on their dreams !

So, you have a choice to make right now, and it's a easy decision if you want to start profiting from soccer.
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